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The most ancient highway in all of North America, the Apache Trail flaunts its irresistible beauty with mighty canyons, jagged mountain peaks, and sparkling desert lakes while exuding the flavor and romance of the old West. As one of the most scenic drives in the country, it is also one of the most dangerous. You can enjoy it worry free as our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides weave the trails and tales that make this land so intriguing! Adventures from 1-8 hours. Tours available year round - sunup to sundown.


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These gunfighters are the  toughest bunch of scoundrels  that ever walked the streets of Goldfield! These gunfighters are the reason why Goldfield is truly a town too tough to die! Witness the gunfights and all the daring antics of the cowboy and cowgirl characters as a bunch of town folks try to steal the Wells Fargo strong box. Get your best friend arrested and thrown in Jail!


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This wonderful museum has interesting exhibits on the history of the area. Of particular note is the exhibit on the Lost Dutchman gold mine, perhaps the most famous mine in the country despite the fact that no one knows where it is. The second floor is a movie museum dedicated to famous westerns filmed in and around the legendary Superstition Mountains along the historic Apache Trail.


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Goldfield Livery horseback riding stables serves the greater Phoenix, Arizona area and customers from all over the world. We cater to riders from novice to experienced, singles to large groups and many families. Our horseback rides are by and large enjoyed by customers that simply want to spend some time on a horse in the Arizona sunshine!


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The Goldfield Mine Tour takes approximately 25 minutes.  It is an underground guided tour that takes you back in time to 100 years ago.  The guides are well versed on the history of the mine, town, gold mining equipment and procedures.  Hang on tight as the mineshaft shakes from exploding dynamite! Tours can leave every 10 minutes for large groups. Big savings on the three pack, Train, Mine Tour and Mystery Shack.


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The Superstition Scenic Narrow Gauge Railroad's 36" gauge train consists of a Plymouth diesel pulling a passenger car and a caboose. A mile and a half of track circles the town, and the narrated journey lasts 20 minutes. The engineer tells of the history of Goldfield, the Superstition Mountains, and the desert southwest in general. The train departs every 35 minutes on a 20 minute journey.


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The tour takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Cameras and filming are encouraged.  Feel free to capture as many memories as you like. Each of the girls,  or Floozy’s, give a guided tour into the history of the women of the 1800’s (good and bad), their various rolls in the western territory, as well as what it was like for them to travel into the west, leaving the lives they lived in the east behind them. Click here for more information!


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Walk at 45 degree angles, water runs from faucets without being connected to pipes, the ghostly pool-table refuses to let you hit the balls straight and always seem to go into the same pocket, objects hang from the ceiling at 45 degree angles and no matter how hard you push them back, they will always swing back to their ghostly, slanted position.


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Stop in at the Prospector's Place to pan for gold. You will be guided and taught by a true gold historian who will show you the proper way to pan for gold. Any gold you find is yours to keep (very small slivers of gold - no nuggets!). It's a fun place and informative considering the mining techniques they devised there are still used today!


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If you are planning a trip to the Sonoran Desert we hope that you will come visit us at the Superstition Live Reptile Exhibit, located at the base of the Superstition Mountains. Come see our many reptiles & invertebrates on display at our exhibit, and enjoy the species and all our animals on live display whether seasonal or year-round. This is something you do not want to miss!

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