Lu Lu's Bordello at Goldfield Ghost Town!

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Lu Lu's girls, otherwise known as “Floozy’s”, give a guided tour into the history of the women of the 1800’s (good and bad), their various rolls in the western territory, as well as what it was like for them to travel into the west, leaving the lives they lived in the east behind them. The choices that they made and the opportunities that they were allowed. We are always keeping in mind the vocabulary so as not to offend anyone.

As men found themselves in rugged and harsh Western towns many sought out the comforts and companionships of home in the only desert oasis to be found.

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If children are present in your group, we will tailor the tour just for them, giving them an idea of what it was like to be a child in the 1800’s as well as going on a treasure hunt to find a 100 year old bathtub, 100 year old sink and 100 year old potty. There are opportunities for the children to touch some of old items.

 We take time to take to pose for pictures for those who want them, as well as accurately answer any questions anyone may have. We have hats and feathered boas to use as picture props for those who want to use them.

Our gift shop offers T-shirts, night-shirts, books, badges, coins, post cards, lotions, soaps and potions by Bonnie G. Some with a special surprise attached.

Please come on out and have some fun with your family and friends at Goldfield Ghost Town. Don’t forget your cameras, and be sure to see the ladies. We will be sure to make some cherished memories for you with a guarantee to put a smile on your face. You can feel free to email the ladies of Lu Lu's Bordello and be sure to send in your pictures of your trip.  By all means express your thoughts and comments about your experience at the bordello. Just ask your “Floozy” for her card. With your permission we will try to post your comments on the website or at least in our house album for others to enjoy.

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Lu Lu’s Bordello Museum & Gift shop is located at the top of the hill, up the spiral staircase, in the green Victorian building, directly above “Ladies Love Outlaws”, and across from the Mammoth Saloon. It is a paying guided tour for the entire family to enjoy.

Children 7 and under are FREE with a paying adult, children 8-12 are $1.00 and 13 years and over are $2.00. Sorry but we do not offer senior discounts.

The tour takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Cameras and filming are encouraged, feel free to capture as many memories as you like. The tour is suited to each individual group that enters. We are waiting and looking forward to your stay with us. "We'll keep a light on for ya."

Sincerely, Ms Trixy Rose and the Girls

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